Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Questions For Ron Fink, re: Bush Supreme Court Appointment

Serious consideration of the qualification of John Roberts to serve on the US Supreme Court of the US would seem to require an entirely open record of his past performance. However, consistent with most operations in the Bush Administration, "executive privilege" or "national security" requires secrecy, i.e., closed records preserving public ignorance.
Questions for Ron Fink (based on his column, Lompoc Record, 8/2/05)
  • What does Ted Kennedy's tragedy at Chappaquiddick have to do with John Roberts appointment?
  • Since John Kerry's war record was, and is, fully available on the Internet, ( I have copies) what does that have to do with hiding Roberts' records? How could you even bring it up in view of George Bush's AWOL record during the Viet Nam War and his refusal to unseal his records?
  • The print and network strength of the neo-conservative right is by far more pervasive than any more progressive print and media sources. Check that on the Internet.
  • The painful decision that tens of thousands of women have to make each year throughout this world about bringing new life forward requires much greater sensitivity than to label them "Mothers who murder their children."
  • In Africa one of three babies born dies before the age of five from curable diseases like malaria and dysentery. Are we murderers for withholding the drugs we could easily supply to cure these diseases with a very small fraction of what we are spending on pet food or the Iraq War?


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