Saturday, July 30, 2005

Regarding Peaceniks

When people have weak argument, limited facts and blind belief in imperialistic leaders like George Bush, in desperation they revert to name calling, questioning national allegiance and humiliation of those with opposing views.

Thus we have those who would name the people who seek peaceful solutions to differences rather than war, "peaceniks." Has a nice ring to it doesn't it, something like "beatniks:" mindless, amoral hedonists who have no particular higher purpose than to serve themselves.

Well, that's not what opposition to the Bush Wars is all about. It's about a president who went AWOL during his reserve service in the Vietnam era and is unhesitant in sending 1800 young Americans to premature deaths in Iraq for false causes.

It's about a president who never admits to error and persists in lying even when proof is obvious (Downing Street Memo, UK Sunday Times). A man who persists in a war that has killed well over 100,000 Iraqis and is killing and wounding more every day.

A leader who is bankrupting this nation with unrestrained borrowing from European, Japanese and Chinese sources. Bush Wars cost $6 billion a month and have established a debt for every American family approaching $4,000 just to wage War.

While the environment is abused, health care neglected, education left unsupported and the infrastructure of our own country left to rot, George Bush continues to gloat about how great things are going! As a nation we are polarized and left weaker by his divisive policies.

The only victory we will ever have is the one that comes with a global declaration of peace.


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