Thursday, July 21, 2005

Response To Terrorism

I was literally shocked by the comments made by columnist Andy Caldwell in the July 14th edition of the Lompoc Record regarding terrorism.

In the limited and heavily abused space of earth we can no longer rely on the rather primitive belief that war power can solve international conflict as it once did (WW II). Overcoming barbarian mentality and tactics by equally barbaric counter measures is a cruel illusion (Iraq/Afghanistan).

What we need is not more war power but in fact more Peace Power. The reality is that third world people in Central America, South America, Africa, Malaysia, the Philippines, Asia, and the Middle East have suffered exploitation by western industrialized nations for too many generations. Myopic, capitalistic, amoral corporations with only a vision of profit at dehumanizing costs have sewn the seeds of terrorism.

"Terrorist" has become a catch-all term for "dehumanized criminals" who like disease bearing vermin need to be eliminated. I remind Andy Caldwell and others of like mind that these are human beings, with motive and cause for extreme behaviors only undertaken after exhaustion of belief that there can be negotiation, compromise and new pathways to understanding and mutual advantage.

I remind also that the absence of a uniform in no way suggests a loss of basic humanity. We praised and embraced and supplied the partisans in Yugoslavia, the Chechs, Polish and Italian and others as they fought in their work clothes against the Nazis in WWII (Who by the way called them terrorists). I would also remind of a contemporary example of patriot tactics as portrayed by Mel Gibson in the war against the British in the recent movie "The Patriot."

Clearly we need a Department of Peace in our federal government with the same passion and funding that is present in our present Department of Defense.


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"Peace is not a is an Effect." anon

"Got Criteria?" See Psalm 119:1-176
semper fidelis

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